Log shipping to 2 graylog servers

I have 2 graylog servers. How do I send information from a server to the 2 graylogs?
I wanted to know about the configuration of linux sidecars and GELF Windows.

What type of log shipper do you use (filebeat, mxlog)? For example filebeat can’t send to more than one output, but still you can create 2 filebeat configuration and assing to sidecar.

I’m using filebeat. How do I create 2 filebeat configurations and associate to sidecar

  1. Clone previous collector Log Collector in System - Sidecars - Configuration - select filebeat collector - click More Actions - Clone name it and change output address for second graylog and data and log dirs:
  data: C:\Program Files\Graylog\sidecar\cache\filebeat2\data
  logs: C:\Program Files\Graylog\sidecar\logs2
  1. Create second Configuration in System - Sidecars - Configuration - Create Configuration
  2. Assign new configuration in System - Sidecars - Administration, check (tick) newly created log collector, and then click Configure - and select newly created configuration.
  3. Done


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