Send Graylog local logs into Graylog

Hi All,

I’m running GL3 on K8s. It’s working well, but ACI logs, which according to Cisco, are supposed to be 5424 compliant are not showing up. I want to view the GL error logs in GL, not login to the K8s node and look at logs.

I would also prefer to not changing anything in the docker image except for env vars. Any ideas or docs pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks.


you do not want to ingest Graylog logs into the same Graylog.

Imagine your Graylog has issues and produce many logs and try to ingest that into a Graylog that is already having trouble… is like you would shoot into your own foot.

Fair point Jan.

I didn’t explain well. I want to have it as an additional db, not the primary. I think I’ll just forward them using fluentd into GL. Thanks,


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