Searching on a remote server

I have a graylog server collecting logs at my customers’ site. I also have my internal graylog server collecting logs from my own equipment. I want to search through the logs of my customer, from my own server. The customer should be able to look through their own logs on their own server.

  • OS Information: Still in the PoC phase, but the server will run the newest version of Graylog on Ubuntu server 20 LTS.

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There are a couple way you maybe able to do this.

  1. Forward logs from Custumer-01 —> My_Home
  2. This next suggestion depends on your environment, Does either Graylog server have network access for the Web UI?
  3. Its possible to create a two node cluster, but you need to take percussions to encrypt log/s going over the internet.

I have a secure connectio between both machines (site to site VPN). But is it also possible to search through my customers’ log without copying their logs onto my own graylog server? I want to save storage, so thats why it’s important for me.


I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think so , unless some else here has done that. Only way I know of would be is to connect them (cluster), Web Interface or some type of third part application maybe.

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