Question : Cross cluster Search support on Graylog 2.3?

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Hi all,

Due to i have to collect log from 3 DC-site with different location, which they’ve connected together with VPN, but there is still some issue on latency and connection stable, so i need to separate and create standalone cluster/ graylog for each DC , but i do still wish to manage all log from one site/point
and as i see that Graylog V.2.3 already support ES 5.x (cross cluster search)
Question : currently is it possible for graylog 2.3 to use cross cluster search or similar feature to manage all cluster,which similar to thread , or it will be supported in the future version.

thanks for your support

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No, it’s not possible right now and the feature hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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Ok, Thank you for your answer.

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