Search messages API in Graylog 3.3

Hi all,

I am trying to implement a connector to the Graylog 3.3 search messages API (/views/search/messages) but I am not able to perform a successful query. I have checked on the api browser but I cannot find practical examples, nor the exact configuration of the request body.

In particular, the API browser shows:

urn:jsonschema:org:graylog:plugins:views:search:export:MessagesRequest {
    limit (integer, optional),
    streams (array[string], optional),
    chunk_size (integer, optional),
    timerange (object, optional),
    query_string (object, optional),
    fields_in_order (array[string], optional)

but it is unclear what to provide for the time range, query_string parameters.

Are there any working examples to start from? Thanks!

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