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Sry for my bad english but i’ve a problem.
I would like to ask an assistance on how to properly change the store data of Elastic Search and logs.

I stopped all service (mongod, elasticsearch, graylog) and changed the path:data in /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml

I mounted a NFS in /mnt/NFS-Graylog/ from a NAS DLINK
Make a cp -a /var/lib/elastisearch in /mnt/NFS-Graylog/var/lib/elasticsearch

The permissions are good.
When i restart all service, elasticsearch is in a error and i don’t understand the error log.

I’ve searched on the forum but no solution…

Have an idea ??


There are articles about moving Elasticsearch out on the internet such as here.

It would be helpful if you posted the log errors you are seeing and any specific configuration changes (the actual config code) you have done… There are some links on what info to post in questions here and some helpful commands for pulling information here

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