S3 bucket for log storage

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Hi All,

I know it is possible to extend Graylog storage with a local disk attached to a VM.

I want to install Graylog in AWS, is it possible to use an S3 bucket using fuse to mount it in VM.

It looks like this could work. https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse

Has anyone have experience on doing this?

Kind Regards


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I don’t have experience with that but it sounds like a genuinely bad idea.

S3 isn’t optimized for performance or latency, so mounting an S3 bucket and using it for Graylog’s journal or any other latency-sensitive data will bring the performance of the whole thing to a grinding halt.

If you want to extend the storage space of an EC2 virtual machine, think about using an EBS volume (ideally with provisioned IOPS).

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Thanks Jochen.

I found some other references on the internet that suggested it was a bad idea.

Is there any reference materials for disk sizing of the EBS volume. I know that my endpoints are producing around 250k a day in logs when saved as a text file.



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