Disk Capacity Full - Need Assistance / Suggestions to re-Setup for a Graylog MultiNode Cluster


I have a typical Graylog server setup in AWS cloud. App/DB in one (1) server. It worked but I may want to look into clustering for scalability

  • t3.medium instance 2 vCPU; 4gb RAM; 500 disk
  • this run on a single node, no cluster, catering logging for Windows (15 servers); Linux (15 servers), Network devices (100 devices)
  • Disk is getting full about 95% with 6 month retention / rotation
  1. Environment

OS: debian-11-amd64

GL version: Graylog 5.2.5+

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?*
disk expansion is my interim fix but would like the setup to be more of a permanent one.

Please help assist to bring up suggestions to re-setup my server without starting back to scratch and retaining months of data ingested

Thanks a lot

I’d suggest you increase your disk in AWS. If I understand you right, you have 500GB Disk at the moment. If this is the root-partition you can increase this until 3TB, afterwards this needs to be another partition.

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