Report creation fails: cannot POST (404)


I’m trying out the reporting feature from the free enterprise license, attempting to create a report fails with the following message:

Creating report "test" failed with status: Error: cannot POST http://<public_ip>:9000/api/plugins/ (404)

No errors or relevant messages in server log. Also there is no proxy or reverse proxy as of yet. Enterprise license seems to be installed as it should have (State - No problems detected).

The widget from which the report is created displays with no visible problems.

Graylog was installed from the debian repo, here’s the list of installed packages with versions:

# dpkg -l | grep graylog                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
ii  graylog-3.3-repository                  1-1                          all          Package to install Graylog 3.3 GPG key and repository                                                                                                                                 
ii  graylog-enterprise-integrations-plugins 3.3.5-1                      all          Graylog Enterprise Integrations plugins
ii  graylog-enterprise-plugins              3.3.5-1                      all          Graylog Enterprise plugins
ii  graylog-integrations-plugins            3.3.5-1                      all          Graylog Integrations plugins
ii  graylog-server                          3.3.5-1                      all          Graylog server

What could be the source of the problem, and where should I start looking?

Thanks in advance.

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