Recalculate index ranges manually

Hello guys,
I took a snapshot for 1 index, then I restored it successfully.But when I can not search message in the index-which was restored.
I added my screenshot later.
How can I recalculate index ranges manually?

System / Indices / Index Set / Maintenance.

I click on “Recalculte index ranges” button with the index which I want to,but i got this error.

And I found thí error

There was an error fetching a resource: cannot POST xxx/api/system/indices/ranges/graylog_347_restored/rebuild (400). Additional information: graylog_347_restored is not a Graylog-managed Elasticsearch index.

and what is the question left?

The error just write it clear. graylog_347_restored is not a Graylog-managed Elasticsearch index.

So, how can I let Graylog can manage this restored index?

Use an index name which has the prefix of one of your index sets and only a number as suffix (e. g. graylog_347).

It work.I didn’t rename the index when restore then graylog can manage this restored index.
Thanks so much !!!

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