Rebuild on new server 4.3 -> 5.2

Hi all,

I’m looking for the easiest path forward.

I am rebuilding graylog on a different server. I don’t care about keeping any elasticsearch data, but I would like all of my mongod settings to move over and start indexing fresh.

What is the best approach to do this?

Current Server:
Centos 7
graylog-server 4.3.15
mongod 4.2.25
elasticsearch-oss 7.10.2

New Server:
graylog-server 5.2.2
mongod 6.0.12
opensearch 2.11.1

What I ended up doing was just exporting everything as a content pack from the old server and then importing and installing on the new server.

This seems clean. I just need to re-order some dashboard tabs, add user accounts manually, and add indexes manually.

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