Re-Band Graylog

I just a bit question that Can graylog re-band?

Thank you very much.

@cherawich , explain yourself please, the question is not clear enough to help you…

I would like re-band graylog be my band for my company.

you mean rebranding?

I mean that re-band Graylog such as myLog etc.

IANAL, but to me it seems that rebranding would be possible, if

  1. you have enough coding skills

  2. you adhere to the license terms.

you have enough coding skills -->Yes
you adhere to the license terms.–>What license? please explain to me.

the license is where the source is. If in doubt, consult your own lawyer.

But, you might also be succesful in making a business partnership with graylog inc so that they would rebrand it for you for some compensation. I don’t work there, so I don’t know how easy that would be to achieve.

How to be partner with Graylog?

Please contact our sales team via

Ok. Thank you very much.

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