Graylog Licensing

Hi can someone point me in the direction of good documentation on the software licenses for Graylog. What the expectations are as far as forking, modifying, distributing.

Thank You

Hi Jan,
I am trying to figure out if I can develop a graylog plugin under the Apache License. Is that possible? The issue is my company is interested in using Graylog not changing the source code but developing plugins where the source code can be




I’m not a Lawyer - but plugins can have their own license.

Yeah I am trying to figure it out as well because under the GPL license from what I read if you use any libraries from GPL
software ie(graylog Input), it automatically is GPL but I am not exactly sure how it that works either.

Practically speaking if your company develops a plugin that is for internal use only, then you don’t have to worry about licenses. If a plugin is developed that is meant to be distributed to the world at large, that’s where licensing comes in.

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