Quick question on OVA Index retention

(Matt) #1

I’ve been away from the appliance and haven’t updated my “live” cluster yet but noticed on the new OVA that I set up for testing that some controls in “indices” is gone. Is this expected/correct. in 2.2 I have the green “create index set” button and list of indexes I can set retention policies on. Am not seeing these options in the temporary appliance I deployed. Are those not available in the appliance anymore? Or are these now set somewhere else?

(Jan Doberstein) #2

Hi Matt,

what version did you use? Did you have some screenshots that shows your findings?

(Matt) #3

No controls for “create index set” or modifying the current index retention strategy. Am I missing something here. Feel like i’m overlooking a simple control that moved is in plain sight but i’m not seeing.

(Jan Doberstein) #4

Hej Matt,

sorry to say - but as you are using Graylog 1.3.3 (released on 14 Jan 2016) you do not have that option available. I personal would recommend to update to the latest stable Version, which is 2.3.2 currently.

(Matt) #5

Ugg. I made the mistake of grabbing the top link instead of scrolling down. Ridiculous mistake on my part. Thank you Jan.

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