On the way to production! - red shards from testing

ok, I think I’m doing too much overtime and not remembering things that happened. I deleted those indices in a previous upgrade (I think from 2.2 to 2.3) via graylog. Looks like it didn’t removed everything, and when I copied the data folders from the testing VM to the production VM, those old indices came along too.

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So, as i’ve been documenting here, I tested the OVA and now we’re moving on to deploying it on production.
We just finished creating CentOS VMs and installing elasticsearch on them (5 VMs with 500gb hd and 8gb ram each) - and we decided to try and move the indices from the testing VM.

I was using 3 indices there: graylog, sysmon and symantec. Graylog indices are all green, but sysmon and symantec are red, and I have no idea on how to solve it. I’ve been reading ES docs but I’m at a loss.

[root@bsa-log-pvx05 ~]# curl ''
health status index       pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size pri.store.size
red    open   symantec__1   4   0
red    open   symantec__0   4   0
green  open   graylog_1     4   1   17979622            0     23.5gb         11.7gb
red    open   sysmon__0     4   0
green  open   graylog_0     4   1   19086275            0     21.8gb         10.9gb
green  open   graylog_5     4   1       1376            0      2.8mb          1.4mb
green  open   graylog_4     4   1    8563362            0     11.8gb          5.9gb
green  open   graylog_3     4   1   16227972            0     21.8gb         10.9gb
green  open   graylog_2     4   1    6873772            0      8.6gb          4.3gb

You could delete the old unused indices with the Elasticsearch Delete Index API.

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