Question for installing Graylog 3.0 from scratch

I see in the documentation for installing graylog that there are virtual machine applicances, Operating system packages, even Amazon Web Services.

However on a call I was on I heard that the Virtual Machine appliances were not supported in production.
I’m assuming then that the Amazon Web Services one is not either.

Which options are supported in a production environment so later when I have to go to another major release I will be supported.

Also - what is the easiest way to get a production supported version going in AWS?

Supported means - that you can’t get official support by Graylog (for money) when you use the pre-build images. In addition we do not give any warranty means it is up to you to secure and backup that setup. We are not responsible for your data or your environment.

The recommendation is to build your own setup as you will then know what is configured how.

Thats what I figured, so what is the easiest way to get this going in AWS.?

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