Query stream terms via API

Hello there!
In Graylog v3 we used to query /api/search/universal/absolute/terms API to get some log metrics.
For example we queried nginx logs with params: field=status, stacked_fields=http_host,upstream_status to get something like

"terms": {
    "200 - some.domain.name - 200": 369350,
    "400 - some.domain.name - 400": 28904,
    ... etc.

In Graylog v4 this API has been removed.
I tried to use /api/views/search/sync to replace terms API, but stuck due to lack of documentation.
Is there any way to reproduce results of terms API with views/search/sync?

So i wasn’t here for the terms API, but what you are looking for sounds like you may want to look at the new simple search api in 5.1 (which just hit RC stage)

It allows you in a single call to run a query and return selected fields, including sort etc. And those results can come back as json or csv. It’s been really handy in the testing of it I have done.

Maybe this will suit my needs, thanks!

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