Query stream alerts via API

I’ve defined several streams and events to receive notifications via email when alert conditions are met - works well as expected. Now I tried to query this triggered alerts via API from my monitoring system with a script, but there are no alerts shown.
Events are created and are visible within event stream.

My environment:
Graylog 4.3.1 with enterprise plugin (free enterprise operations license)

Steps already taken to solve the problem:
Tried several API URL via REST API browser like

When querying stream info then there are no associated alerts shown.
Also on paginated queries there is no history of alerts visible.
Documentation does not contain details on the behaviour of alerts.

How can the community help?
Is this feature to grab alerts via API still available?
How should I setup alerts/events for a stream that this alert is shown in API?
Are there alternative ways to send alerts to monitoring system?


I was testing this out in the lab and found some unusual results.
My Response Body is off 8 hours, that is because of UTC . I even increase date/time still null results.

I also check API Browser for GET /streams/{streamId}/alerts

I do see this showing Manage stream legacy alerts for a given stream

But using Alerts: Manage stream legacy alerts for all streams

I did get an output with results

  "total": 300,
  "alerts": [
      "id": "5d54a0df83d72e5070463743",
      "description": "Stream had 4 messages in the last 1 minutes with trigger condition more than 3 messages. (Current grace time: 5 minutes)",
      "condition_id": "383a8c30-6d60-44c6-a93b-f4a557f923c4",
      "stream_id": "5a5027b7ffe8b10359166d83",
      "condition_parameters": {
        "backlog": 10,
        "repeat_notifications": true,
        "query": "*",
        "grace": 5,
        "threshold_type": "MORE",
        "threshold": 3,
        "time": 1
      "triggered_at": "2019-08-15T00:01:35.656Z",
      "resolved_at": "2019-08-15T00:02:34.990Z",
      "is_interval": true

Notice the date, Ummm
I configured the UNIX timestamp to display since yesterday and ended up null. Something with legacy alerts API. Not sure what’s going.

EDIT: Still same results. I have tested this on Open /enterprise version.
Maybe posting here might shed some light on this issue.

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