Alerts not working as expected

i’m seeing a weird behavior with an alerts for a specific stream.
if i click on ‘manage alerts’ for the stream, it will show me alerts, however, using the api i don’t see any alerts configured and\or triggered

i’ve verified the stream ID is the same. using Graylog 3.1.4


Hello && Welcome

Out of curiosity the date/time you used the API did you have any alert/s at


or can you go back further in time like “2021-7-02T09:36:22”?

Thank you, @gsmith.
actually, per this doc Upgrading to Graylog 3.1.x — Graylog 3.2.0 documentation, it seems that /alerts/* api calls have been deprecated, so now it all makes sense.
My new question is then, what is the proper way to make an api call to view triggered alerts?

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