Problem with Graylog 4.3.15 in Kubernetes cluster

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Good morning, first of all thank you for your help, we are having constant errors in gelf http & TCP type inputs, I leave you a screenshot of the errors.

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  • OS Information: Rocky 9.1 with Kubernetes Cluster and Graylog 4.3.15

  • Package Version: Graylog 4.3.15

  • Service logs, configurations, and environment variables:

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Idle writer timeout (optional) to 0

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What are you using to ship the logs to this input?


Nxlog → Haproxy → metalLB → Graylog

Thanks greetings!


What does your NXlog configuration look like and how are the GELF inputs configured?


Module im_file File "/var/azure/eventhub/eventhub.log" Exec if $raw_event =~ /^$/ drop(); Exec $agentName = "eventhubagent"; if $raw_event =~ /- - (.*)/ { $short_message= $1; } Module om_ssl Host destination Port 443 CAFile /etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted/openssl/ OutputType GELF_TCP Every 30 sec First 2010-12-17 00:19:06 Exec reconnect();


acl host_azureeventhub443 hdr(host) -i url:443
acl host_azureeventhub443 hdr(host) -i backend
use_backend azureeventhub if host_azureeventhub443

backend azureeventhub
balance roundrobin
option httpclose
option forwardfor
cookie JSESSIONID prefix
option http-keep-alive
timeout http-request 200
timeout http-keep-alive 30
timeout connect 5000
server metallbsoc metallb:15390 check


k get services -n logserver | grep 15390
graylog-soc02 LoadBalancer IP POD EXTERNALIP-METALLB 15390:30556/TCP 243d



Good morning,

Any ideas?

Thanks greetings!

Good morning @ferdagon

If you were to attempt to use raw input as opposed to GELF as you then able to ingest logs?

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