Problem to edit graylog

Hello! , How are you?
I have a problem to program graylog, at the time of adding the unzipped file of / usr / share / graylog-server in GitHub gives me permission denied even being administrator of the pc. I do not know if I should download the GitHub project and then modify it with eclipse, and if so, replace it with the current / usr / share / graylog-server files.

Thank you.


I’m not sure which zip file you downloaded, but if you want to edit some code I would recommend using the graylog-project alongside graylog-project-cli. Those will let you clone the needed repositories to your local machine and will set up a maven project that you can use to build Graylog.

Thanks for your reply. I had not downloaded any zip, it appeared with the installation of graylog in the address / usr / share / graylog-server.
I’m sorry but I do not load the repositories that you have attached to me. Another question I have is how to do so that after my installation graylog use my edited code and not the one that has been installed by default.
Thank you

Sorry the links work properly was the fault of my VPN connection.

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