Problem in json extractor

I am new in graylog. It should be an easy question, sorry!
I have a json log messages but can not run my extractor. I think the problem is program name and pid(program[91129]: ) in the beginning of the message body. any way to omit this part?!

sample message body:

program[91129]: {“timestamp”: “2019-07-29”, “flow_id”: 1964529267423472, “in_iface”: “eth0”, “event_type”: “dns”, “src_ip”: “”, “src_port”: 45885, “dest_ip”: “”, “dest_port”: 53, “proto”: “UDP”, “dns”: {“type”: “query”, “id”: 1989, “rrname”: “”, “rrtype”: “A”, “tx_id”: 0}}

you might want to switch to the processing pipelines for messages extraction.

But - you have nested json as logfile what is currently not supported:
So - sorry no real answer here to your question if that is the reason or not.

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