Pm2 Logs to gralog

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i have a Question . how should i send pm2 logs to graylogs

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What’s “pm2”?
Can the logging subsystem of “pm2” be configured externally?
What type of logging appenders (or sinks) does the logging subsystem of “pm2” support?

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pm2 is Advanced, production process manager for Node.js
“pm2” be configured externally – yes
i am using syslog

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its logging path is home/user/.pm2/logs

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i have used the same method for system logs but pm2 logs is not working
its logging path is home/user/.pm2/logs

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That’s not syslog then. You could use Filebeat or NXLOG to read the log files and send the messages to Graylog.

Alternatively, there seems to be a 3rd party extension for supporting GELF.

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can u help with the procedure to use Filebeat or NXLOG

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You can use the Graylog Collector Sidecar:

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