Plug-in development idea

Hi Graylog Community,

is there a website / community-thread with ideas listed for an useful graylog plug-in?

You want to develop a plugin but have no idea and want a list to grep ideas from? Or did you want to check what is already given to pick one?

hi @jan
I have some ideas already.
But maybe there’s an online resource with a pool of useful ideas to implement for the graylog project.

  1. Monitoring Plug-in: Monitor the hardware spec’s of the machine where Graylog instance is running
  2. Sniffer: Sniff & Parse & Aggregate OSI stack packets (TCP, UDP, …) of the server where Graylog is active (e.g. pcap4j) => I’m not sure if this is useful because there are protocols like netflow already…
  3. Stream Flow Visualizer: kind of a graphics programming language (e.g. pure data with “patch cables”) --> connect different streams to another stream in order to route the “traffic”, kind-of modular
  4. kind of JDBC Export / Import tool… can’t see any usecases for me atm & there’s already a output logstash solution I’ve read about

What’s your opinion about my ideas?
I’m going to do a university project - want to contribute & I’m not quite sure if my ideas are meaningful for the community…

I guess the best source is the Graylog Github repository:

In addition some Plugins are in our labs org:

Those are drafts, first ideas of Graylog developers but nothing that is maintained regular.

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