Please change master..slave terminology

First of all, great software and I’m a big fan of the project. In an upcoming release can you please try and rename the master…slave nomenclature in the code and documentation. I appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

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@pavlovsky thank you SO MUCH for bringing this up! Seriously! It’s good to see the desire in the community for this change, and please know that we’re working on making it happen. I’m having trouble digging up the link (maybe @kay or @bernd might have a better idea of where it is), but we do have an issue open for this and are aware of the problematic and antiquated terms we have in the project and the docs. I’ll see if I can’t find the link (we had a discussion about this at the beginning of December) and post it here so you can follow its progress.

no worries and glad you are thinking about it.

Hi @pavlovsky ,

One of our devs pointed me to Updating word usage for node's Primary and Secondary by kyleknighted · Pull Request #8320 · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub. I realize that only covers the project itself, and I don’t see we’ve got an issue/PR open for this on the docs, so I’ve made on there as well (Get rid of antiquated, archaic terminology in docs · Issue #1043 · Graylog2/documentation · GitHub).


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