Pipeline - Simulator works, but the real thing does not

Hey guys,

yesterday I just started with pipelines and got a few to work, at least in the simulator.
I am using this message for the simulator:

this message is just a copy of a message I received in the Stream which is connected to my pipeline. (I checked multiple times if the pipeline is connected to the stream)
and this is my rule:


In the simulator everything works fine and he creates a new field “myNr” with the value “51”. But the new messages in the Stream itself remain untouched.

Do I have to activate the Pipeline somewhere else or is it enough to add the connection in the “manage pipelines” menu?

Something strange I just saw is that the “Throughput” sometimes goes up to a few 100 msg/s, but I don´t know which ones he could have checked. The pipeline should only receive messages at full hours and even “all messages” does not received that much per second.

finally had time to test a bit more with the connections:
“myStream” - does not work
“all messages” - works
“myStream”, “all messages” - works

again only “myStream” and now it seems to work as well. I dont know why but i am glad that its all save and sound for now. Time to write rules :smiley:

system-config - Message Processors Configuration
what is your order?
You should do the stream first, and process pipeline next.

  1. AWS Instance Name Lookup
  2. GeoIP Resolver
  3. Pipeline Processor
  4. Message Filter Chain

this should be the standard :thinking:

1. Message Filter Chain
2. Pipeline Processor
3. AWS Insstance Name Lookup (if not needed, disable it!)
4. GeoIP Resolver (if not needed, disable it!)

Please read https://blog.reconinfosec.com/geolocation-in-graylog/ (if you need geo ip)


Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

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