Parsing multi_value in pipeline with nested arrays

I have a lookup table going to AlienVault OTX and I’m trying to figure out how to get the data out of the pulses with a pipeline rule. I’m able to get some of the data but not in the nested array:

  "single_value": 6,
  "multi_value": {
    "indicator": "170fb7438316f7335f34fa1a431afc1676a786f1ad9dee63d78c3f5efd3a0ac0",
    "sections": [
    "pulse_info": {
      "count": 6,
      "references": [
      "pulses": [
          "indicator_type_counts": {
            "FileHash-SHA256": 18,
            "FileHash-MD5": 5
          "pulse_source": "web",
          "TLP": "white",
          "description": "Anatova was discovered in a private peer-to-peer (p2p) network. After initial analysis, and making sure that our customers are protected, we decided to make this discovery public.",
          "subscriber_count": 76542,
          "tags": [

    "base_indicator": {
      "indicator": "170fb7438316f7335f34fa1a431afc1676a786f1ad9dee63d78c3f5efd3a0ac0",
      "description": "",
      "title": "",
      "access_reason": "",
      "access_type": "public",
      "content": "",
      "type": "FileHash-SHA256",
      "id": 1609015553
    "type": "sha256",
    "type_title": "FileHash-SHA256"
  "ttl": 9223372036854776000

I am able to get the pulse count:

But I can’t quite figure out how to access the rest since “pulses” is another array under “pulse_info”. I’m thinking it has something to do with select_jsonpath but I assume I’d have to first convert it to JSON somehow?

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