Notification Plugin For Google Hangouts Chat


I want to migrate my Graylog alerts from slack to google hangouts chat. For this, I need a Plugin. Do we have any plugin for Google Hangouts Chat? because I didn’t find this in the Graylog market place.
This is super urgent. Please help me with this.
A quick response will be appreciated.


@jan Can you please here ^^

If it is urgent, you should consider paid support rather than community support where people respond on their own time.

I think this has been solved by @jderoy91 But I don’t know what plugin he has downloaded from Graylog market-place :worried: and what Python script he has used to deal with.

he @Tafsir_Alam

he used the enterprise plugin for legacy script notifications:

Thanks @jan

Can’t we do this without Enterprise Plugin? What about this plugin: ?

Hi @jan I am using Execute Script Plugin
I am able to execute the script now.

From what I can tell, this plugin can run an arbitrary command from the Graylog server with arguments you pass, but I can’t find a way to pass in any information from the events in the stream that create the alert.

Or can we simply run notification from Graylog-REST-API?

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