HTTP Alarm Callback Google Chat

I am trying to configure HTTP Alarm Callbacks to send notifications to a Google Chat WebHook address. When generating the Webhook URL from Google Chat and pasting it to the HTTP Alarm Callback Alert configuration and testing the alerts, I get the following error “Sending test alert notification failed with message: Expected successful HTTP response [2xx] but got [400].” I looked at all current logs when testing the HTTP Callback, but didn’t see anything relevant. I know Google has some documentation regarding incoming Webhook message format ( but I’m not sure if/how Graylog can push HTTP Alarm Callbacks to Google Chat. In the meantime, I am going to look into using a plugin to execute a Python script on HTTP Alarm Callback which may work? ( Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated as I think this would help our organization out tremendously! Please let me know if additional information is needed.

I did not check how the hangouts callback work or what you might miss on that. But I guess the format is not what google wants to have …

Future versions of Graylog will have the option to call a script as alert action - this then might work as you expected.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to find a plugin on the marketplace which allows you to execute a command as a Alert Callback. So I’ve created a python script for each alert and it’s working great. Thanks again!

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