About HTTP Alarm Callback

Hello everyone,
Regarding to number of emails alert per day so much. So I wanna use HTTP Alarm Callback instead Email Alert use account gmail.

In part URL - HTTP Alarm Callback, I put the following URL that I wanna fire alert to telegram bot.

But I don’t understand how to put body message into above URL, that will be displayed contain message to telegram bot.

Above URL just fire to telegram bot a text “abcdef”. How to “abcdef” will be matching message on stream graylog?

Thank any appreciates.

The HTTP Alarm Callback can currently only send a fixed JSON payload in the HTTP POST request body, see http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.3/pages/streams/alerts.html#http-alert-notification for details.

Is there a specific reason you’re not using the 3rd party Telegram plugin from the Graylog Marketplace?

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