All messages fom stream to script

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Pls help me!

How I can send every message in some stream to external script?
or maybe send it to api.
I need to use graylog with "TheHive"
I can get more than 1 message / min
in this case alerts can’t give me all notifications

in logstash we try logstash-output-exec. is smthg similar in graylog?

(Jochen) #2

Check the Graylog Marketplace if there’s a plugin for your use case:

(FelixFV) #3

But I don’t find plugins for my case in market

(Jochen) #4

Then you have to write such a plugin yourself or pay someone to write it for you.

There’s an alarm callback plugin which does what you need. Maybe you could use that as a starting point for your own plugin.

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