Notification is associated with stream not with condition

Here is my use case

Create one stream with 3 rules, I want to create multiple condition with this stream eg : one with

1st one with “Time Range = 60” and second one is “Time Range = 600” and third one is “Time Range = 3600”,

Also I want to generate e mail with all these 3 condition with different values like send list is diffrent also want to make some changes in URL

As per the current implementation is its not possible since email notification is associated with stream not with condition , only the work around is create mutiple stream and create different condition and diffrent notification, but this is expensive instead of one stream end up creating multiple streams.

Any suggestion and thoughts ?

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Hey @ryz.namathp,

your question was already asked in

So, this will be the answer to your question:

The problem you are displaying is already known and triaged (as seen in the GitHub issue), it will probably be addressed sometime in the future (it is not assigned to a milestone yet).

Greetings - Phil

As you can see alerts notifications are yet associated to Streams. As a workaround I’ve used aggregator plugin that permit to select specific notification defined for a stream. But you must use an old version < 2.1 because from 2.1 they have integrated the alert notification with native graylog one and so you’ve lost the most interesting option to select specific notification.