Can create alerts specific to a condition instead of stream


Currently we can create conditions for a stream and notifications for a stream.
And all the notification for a stream will be added under all the conditions of same stream.


  • Consider we have a stream with name “Stream 1”
  • We create new two conditions for “Stream 1” as “Condition 1” & "Condition 2’
  • We will create two new notification “Notification 1” and “Notification 2” for “Stream 1”
  • We will have both “Notification 1” & “Notification 2” under both “Stream 1” & “Stream 2”

Instead we want to have “Notification 1” only for “Condition 1” and “Notification 2” only for “Condition 2”.

Can any one help me, if we can achieve this or not with graylog?

Umesh Dc

currently your goal is not possible with Graylog - future versions will have that but the current and the next releases will not.

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