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Hello guys,

I’m a new graylog user and I’m working with alerts! I have a lot of different use cases to trigger an alert and a notifications.

I want to create a notification for each use case (condition), some cases are logging in the same stream and I need a custom notification message for each one… So, my question:

Can I do this? Or I need to create a stream for each use case? Have a best practice to do this?

Thank you!

currently you would need to create a stream for each case if you want to have single condition to notification match.

Hmmmmm, ok!

Thank you!!!

I have another question… Do you know if I can change the Stream URL in the email notification? I really want to change the query of this link… It would be awesome if I can change or concatenate this url + alert query

To work around this I have mine set up with a series of pipeline rules that when an event is found create three new fields (Alert, Subject, and Body) and then shunt to a stream that looks for the Alert field to kick off notification (I could just look for a subject field I suppose). This way the condition and notification are generic and the pipeline is taking care of the details. Here is an example that utilizes Windows Beats:

rule "AP3-WinSec-UserPWChange"
    // assumes you have checked for
    // windows-security-information
    to_string($message.winlogbeat_event_id) == "4723"
    // Build Alert structures
    // Create subject of (e-mail) alert
    let subject_0 = concat("-GLA| USER CHANGED PW: ", to_string($message.winlogbeat_event_data_TargetUserName));
    set_field("cmg_subject", subject_0);
    // create detail of (e-mail) alert
    let build_mess_0   = concat("USER Changed their password: ",  to_string($message.winlogbeat_event_data_TargetUserName));
    let build_mess_1   = concat(build_mess_0, " on machine ");
    let build_mess_2   = concat(build_mess_1, to_string($message.winlogbeat_event_SubjectDomainName));
    let build_mess_3   = concat(build_mess_2, "-");
    let build_mess_fin = concat(build_mess_3, to_string($message.winlogbeat_computer_name));
    set_field("cmg_body", build_mess_fin);
//    route_to_stream("P1-Alert");
//    route_to_stream("P2-Alert");

Hum, I think this could work for me! Good alternative!

Thanks for sharing your solution!

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