Not receiving messages in streams

I’m not receiving any messages in Graylog currently.
The server had a spike of logging over 10GB in one day (Saturday) which caused the server to crash, this was due to an error on one of the sites running ~1M sql queries.
We were able to restore it from an earlier date (restored it this morning), but now we are no longer seeing messages in the streams. I am seeing the messages get processed, but I can’t pinpoint the issue.
On average this server only receives up to 600MB of logging in a day.

From the graylog log:
[LicenseChecker] License violation - Detected irregular traffic records

Is this why the streams aren’t recording? Or is there another issue? I’m not seeing any errors in the WebUI (other than out of date, we’re still running on 2.5).

I was able to resolve this issue by rebuilding the index range from the webUI:

System > Indices > Default Index Set > Maintenance > Recalculate Index Ranges

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