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They just gave me a machine with Graylog installed and I have to trace logs from another server on it.

I didn’t have any problems connecting the other server on it but I have this error that’s showing:
{“type”:“cluster_block_exception”,“reason”:“blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)];”}

I read about other topics that this command can help:
curl -XPUT -H “Content-Type: application/json” http://localhost:9200/_all/_settings -d ‘{“index.blocks.read_only_allow_delete”: null}’

But she sends this back to me:
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: application; Unknown error
{“error”:“Content-Type header [application/x-www-form-urlencoded] is not supported”,“status”:406}curl: (3) [globbing] unmatched close brace/bracket at pos 5

Thank you in advance for your help

hey @laposte, welcome!

Depending on where you are pasting that command, those left and right stylized quotes will cause issues. They are a different character than " and '. Try replacing “ and ” with " and replacing ‘ and ’ with '.

If that’s not it, you might need to escape the double quotes inside the single quotes.

Hi @ttsandrew, thanks a lot for your awnser,
That’s look good, I think because now I have this message :

however it seems that I have another problem that I didn’t have before. I no longer have any messages “in” or “out”. Whereas before I was at least 50 per second.
From another side I tried other things before making this command and the problem must come from there.

Oh, now I have the “in” and “out” again, but the start problem is still here

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