New installation no web gui

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i just newly installed Graylog with this guide
on a new VM with debian 9 / 4GB RAM and 300GB DIsk
installation worked well - but can’t access the Webinterface
on this step

To be able to connect to Graylog you should set rest_listen_uri and web_listen_uri to the public host name or a public IP address of the machine you can connect to.

for rest_listen_uri and web_listen_uri i did add my private IP - i only need acces in the LAN
is this wrong?
have a nice day

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What’s the complete configuration of your Graylog node?
What’s the network environment it’s running in?

(vinc) #3

found out the Problem - the password had to be more then 16 caracters.
Merci for your help

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