Need some help with specific query with commas or whitespaces

Hi all, can you please explain how to perform this kind of query ?
Suppose to have this 2 lines in a stream:

[2018-04-09T23:30:43,579][INFO ] aaa bbb ccc [233242]
[2018-04-09T23:29:43,579][INFO ] aaa bbb ccc [1, 9292, 233242, 111, 99, 0]

How can i search for line with ", 233242, " (the second line) ?

query1: message:", 233242, "
query2: message:"233242"
query3: message:"233242,,........,,,.,.,"
query4: message:"\,\ 233242\,\ "

All queries return always both lines…
How can i search value with commas or space between string ?

Tnx all for help!

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