Graylog shows - as space


Hi, when doing search for messages with - sign in them graylog show it as blank.
So if I search for “ORA-*” it will make hits with all that starts with ORA.

The message looks ok and have ORA-XXXXX in it but if I show "terms of message it reads the - as space

Search: source:ck-mgmt* AND “ORA-*”

RUN_CHECK exception: ORA-20022: Directory ORAADM_LOGDIR not crea

Field terms: run_check exception ora 20022 directory oraadm_logdir not crea

I can search for others strings in the message and it works correct like
source:ck-mgmt* AND “oraadm_logdir not crea”

Anyone else have this problem?
Running Graylog 2.4

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See Avoid spliting words/tokens by "-"

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