Searching stream for asterisk in message

Hello community,

I need assistance in searching graylog for a specific message.


When I search for this specific message I am finding in my logs everything that includes the words “BUILD FAILED”

For example this is being returned:

[echo] **********Result FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

and this:

Build failed with error code 1

But I only want to find the message:


Is there any way to lock in specifically on “** BUILD FAILED **” trapping the message that contains only the asterisks and not receive any other messages that contain the words BUILD FAILED?

I’m assuming you’ll have to use escape characters. Search for:

"\*\* BUILD FAILED \*\*"

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Thank you for the assistance…
It required both the escaping of the characters and adding an additional condition of “File” to the query to nail down the message…

Thanks for the help.

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