Need help with JunOS SRX syslog parsing


the structured syslog from the Juniper SRX starts as follows:

RT_FLOW_SESSION_CLOSE [junos@2636. reason=“idle Timeout” source-address=“x.x.x.x” and so on.

Graylog parses the first string “RT_FLOW_SESSION_CLOSE” as field application_name= RT_FLOW but it should parse as RT_FLOW_SESSION_CLOSE

Any idea how to fix this?

I didn’t configure an extractor yet as all the other fields are parsed natively.



he @tmichiels

i would send in that data to a RAW input and parse that on your own.

I guess that juniper is not following the RFC for syslog messages and so the parsing is not working proper.

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Correct… I created a raw input and created my own grok filter, now everything parses correctly. I’ll post my grok filter on marketplace to help others :slight_smile:

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