Adding Juniper Router to send Syslogs to GraylogLog Server

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Hi, I intsalled the gray log on centos 7 and I am able to access it thru GUI, but how do I add Juniper router in it so that I van receive the syslogs generated by router.


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JunOS supports sending log messages via Syslog. Graylog has a Syslog input. :wink:

There are also a few content packs on the Graylog Marketplace:

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I have no clue about this, what do I have to do , May you walk me the process?


if you are asking to do your work for you then you are asking for a lot. You need to cover the learning curve to use Graylog.

Go through the documents and come back with more granular questions. Most of the basic questions are already answered and you can find them on the forum.

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Thanks Hunter, first of all I requested an=nd I didn’t know that I was sitting in a test and not suppose to ask.

Documentation is not that clear for someone who is new to this.


I agree and IMHO every product is same; it takes time to wrap you head around something unless it’s powered by a paid 2-5 days training like some commercial products do.

You should start with the pre-built virtual machine and move you way in creating an input and try sending the data into graylog. You can then work on refining the logs by gorking and then learning to create desired dashboard.

Pick a log source that you know very well so the learning curve is only on one side instead of both sides.

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