Need Extractor which removes ending dot from string (if present)

I noticed that a lot / all extracted urls are ending with a dot (
That is of course not correct, so I want to remove that final dot.

The situation is as follows. I defined a couple of extractors which put data in a field named “url_or_whois”.

At the end of the extractor “que” I intend to place an extra extractor which should behave like this:

  • run if field “url_or_whois” is populated and the content ends with a dot
  • in that case the extractor should extract every thing before the dot at the end
  • and place the result in “url_or_whois”

After this action the “url_or_whois” field should contain the same content, however without the dot at the string end

I hope this can be done which a combination of

  • regex (to check if the field content ends on “.”)
  • “regex or grok” to perform the action (I think the only option is one of those two)

I just do not know how :frowning:

I hope someone have a solution