Extracting from message

Hope someone can help me how to configure an extractor that in this example will extract (3)www(6)google(3)com(0) into a new name with www.google.com in a message field.

I think you could try something like:

  • create new extractor
  • extractor type: replace with regex
  • regex: \([0-9]*\)
  • replace with: . (or \. if just a dot does not work)
  • replace globally (all occurrences)
  • save as newname

Then, if you want to get rid of the leading dot:

  • create new extractor for the field newname
  • extractor type: regex
  • regex: ^\.(.*?)$
  • save as newname (the same field that is extracted from)

There is probably a more efficient way to do it, though.