Documentation for extractors wrong?


I have been trying to implement some extractors on JSON messages, but I see differences between the documented behavior and app behavior.

Problem / Question

According to the docs:

Using the default settings, that message would be extracted into these fields:


So, if I search for details.tags I will get the value of tags.

But in the app, this only works if I do details_tags.

The documentation is wrong. Well, outdated to be exacted.

See for details about why dots in field names are not allowed in Graylog 2.x (starting with Graylog 2.0.0).

We’ll probably change this in Graylog 3.0.0 again:

And for even more rants context:

Ok …
This poses a few interesting questions:

  1. When will Graylog 3 come out? Do you have an ETA?
  2. Are all the queries performed with the old dot notation replicable with the new underscore notation?
  3. What would be the fix for this issue? Another documentation update, or wait for 3.0 ?

“When it’s done”, but pretty sure it’s sometime in 2018.

What do you mean exactly?

We’ll have to update the documentation for Graylog 2.x, since it’s obviously incorrect.

Is the underscore notation as expressive as the dot notation? Or are there some queries that you can do with the dot notation that cannot be done with the underscore one? ( are there any limitations to using the _ notation? )

We’ll have to update the documentation for Graylog 2.x, since it’s obviously incorrect.

Alright, so I just need to update this page and it should all be fine, right?
Or am I missing something else?

I still don’t know what you mean. Could you provide some examples?

My question comes mainly from my ignorance regarding Graylog2 internals, so it’s normal that perhaps for you it makes no sense at all.

Let’s say that I have the following search query:

obj.bananasCount -> returns the number of bananas in this obj

Now, lets say that when making a search in Graylog2 due to some internal limitation the following query wouldn’t work:

obj_bananasCount -> returns empty, because for some unknown reason to the user, Graylog2 internals can't convert the '_' character to a '.' character equivalent

I see this is possible ( albeit, not sure ) with properties whose name start with ‘_’. Like for example:


How would you convert this?

obj__orangeCount ?

Regarding the docs I will see when I have time for a fix and a PR.

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