Extracted fields are not searchable

I have some extractors to extract logs coming in JSON format from a source. I realized that resulting fields from extractors are not searchable (but original fields are) and probably are not indexed.
This is the pipeline of extractors: Replace with regular expression -> JSON -> Copy input
Is it a normal behavior, or am I doing something wrong?


Moving your question to Daily Challenge for potential responses. Please be sure to add input or output data and screenshots. Visuals and examples typically accelerate responses.

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hey @dscryber
try to use ‚Äúregular expression‚ÄĚ instead ‚Äúreplace with regular expression‚Ä̂Ķ also show us some screenshots of the extractor and a test message. what does the test show you inside of the extractor?
i just can say that i can search my keywords which i made with ‚Äúregular expression‚ÄĚ.

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