My regex is not routing to the right Stream


I’m using Graylog 4.06 and for some reason Graylog is not routing to the right stream with my regex.
We are using the SNMP plugin without MIBS installed.
I have 2 Streams:

As you can see in the screenshot below, it should be routed to Stream_Reseau_Info because the regex matches, but I cannot find any events for this stream and it all goes to Stream_Reseaux_Critique.

Am I missing something?

Hello And Welcome,

To help you further troubleshoot we get more information on both streams configrations?

Here’s a screenshot of the second stream:

I could not upload 2 pictures the first time due to the website restriction about new users.


The First stream you posted called Stream_Reseau_Info looks like the rule was good to go for that stream.

Just an idea, have you tried to paused the stream called Stream_Reseaux_Critique and see if messages get routed to stream Stream_Reseau_Info?

Awhile back I had an Stream that I could not get messages into, for some reason when I copied and pasted my value in the stream rules it did not take, I actually had to type it out.
Have you tried to use a different “Type” instead of regular expression? Maybe “contain” instead?

Can I ask what have you tried already to solve this? I would hate to tell you something that you already have done.

FYI: keep your private information private when posting pictures. I’m not sure if you ment to show IP Address.

Yes indeed I had the bug with copy and paste before, I had to type it but it still not working by pausing the Stream_Reseaux_Critique.
Even worse, it is routing to the All messages Stream even though I have selected the option (Remove matches from ‘All messages’ stream) in the stream option :

I know for sure it’s not related to the snmp plugin because I can also reproduce the problem with my syslog input with other streams.


If you believe it might be a bug on your system you could report it here.

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