Multiple Instances of Graylog & Guice Error

I’ve been getting this error over and over again but can’t seem to resolve it.

2019-03-04T08:53:47.089-05:00 ERROR [CmdLineTool] Guice error (more detail on log level debug): Error injecting constructor, java.lang.RuntimeException: kafka.common.KafkaException: Failed to acquire lock on file .lock in /var/lib/graylog-server/journal. A Kafka instance in another process or thread is using this directory.

Does anyone have any experience with this error?

I guess you have something in the folder you have configured for your Graylog journal - or your Graylog is not able to write into that folder because of missing access rights.

I have been trying to figure out the same thing. We have that on both our old 2.1 and the new 3.0 versions. Even when clearing out the lock file, it only lasts for a little while then the error comes back.

You wrote in the topic name: “multiple instances”
Do you run more graylog instances on one server?
In this case you should use different journal folder.

Else you can try to figure out what use your folder, eg lsof | grep journal
Or check the rights on the folder. Graylog sould access (run) and write premission on it. (7xx; 755 default)

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