Multiple Fields extractor regex

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I’m rather new to graylog, was trying to find solution, but I guess I don’t have the search powers just yet…

We use graylog for application logs, lines such as :

2018-01-04 19:31:15,759 INFO [service_name.convert_to_xls] [task_id=4f96611e-6ddc-48c6-822a-45980eda60cc] [account_id=moshe] [applicant_type=application] [applicant_id=OO1234] starting excel pdf update file_name=margarina.xls

What I want is to add an extrator such that each “[key=value]” will turn into a search able field:

I could create an extractor for each case, but since we have few of these (and some may be added) I was thinking maybe there is a more generic solution here, via pipeline, but reading the docs I was unable to figure this out :frowning:

Would appreciate any help or pointers here.

Spliting a Syslog Output into fields
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With the processing Pipelines you could write such a rule.

See for reference the test inside the code and look at the documentation.

Just one Idea how you could solve that.

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