Multinode in graylog

I have one vm for graylog and mongo ( cpu 8 , RAM 16GB ) and another vm for elaaticsearch ( cpu 16 , RAM 32GB) …
Is it possible to add another node to the graylog cluster on the same VM ?

he @Majdoline

It does not give you any benefit to run Graylog twice on the same Server/VM.

If you want to do this for research/testing I would recommend to run this in Docker …

Many thanks for your reply…
I’d like to assign specific resources per each node such as ((input, output, process)buffer ,jvm ,CPU…)
is it available on one VM?
And can we have any benefit of that?
Please advise …


you will only get massive work, an unstable system that needs a lot of tuning and no benefit out of your idea.

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